About me!

I’m a student who wants to make value. Then you can ask me ‘what is value?’.
I think you can understand it when you look around my blog. :grin:

:pushpin: What I’m interested in:

:ledger: Programming

  • Python: It’s my major language. I cover lots of basic Python here.
  • Algorithm: I love to divide problems into small subproblems and moduling. That’s why I like algorithms.
    • My algorithm repository is here. All my contents are in Python.
    • codewars badge
  • Server-side: I want to learn more about server, back-end programming.
  • Automation: I’ll deep dive more into this. It’s for sure.
  • Shell scripts: My small hobby is making a simple shell scripts.
  • Vim: I use vim. You can check my .vimrc here. I hope you give me suggestions for better vim.

:ledger: Interests

  • Books: Yes!
  • Music: I like it. I’ll sometimes upload a post about it.
  • Netflix: God, please bless Netflix. I like watching Netflix contents with our TV in home.
  • Baseball: SK Wyverns, cheer up guys :)
  • Evolution: You, our dog Happy and I are results of Evolution.

:telephone_receiver: Contact